All Folders pane problem

I am sharing a Thunderbird profile on an NTFS drive between Windows and 
various Linux distros on a computer in which I multi-boot between these
OSs. In all cases Windows or Linux is running TB 45.6.0 or 45.5.1.

The problem I am seeing is that with each OS, whether Windows or a Linux 
distro, when I start TB for the first time the All Folders pane  is 
completely empty and I see on the top of the All Folders tab the current 
folder is marked as "Home". In the All Folders pane itself none of my 
e-mail, rss, or newsgroup accounts show at all and the pane is just 
completely empty. If I then close TB and re-open it, all my accounts now 
show properly and TB works just as expected. BTW I have no account of 
any type called "Home". If I then subsequently close TB and re-open it 
any number of times while I am logged in, everything works properly. It 
is only the first time after logging in to a Windows or Linux OS that 
this problem occurs.

Has anyone seen anything like this problem ?

I did follow the suggestion I found for deleting the folderTree.json and 
session.json file and letting TB rebuild them, but this did not solve 
the problem.

Any help solving this problem would be appreciated.
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