Problems with SM 1.1.1

Since upgrading to SeaMonkey 1.1.1 I am having several annoying
problems.  First the Maximize o Restore Up setting leaves about 1 1/2
inch of gray area between the browser window and the Taskbar.  I have to
go to Restore Down and stretch the window to fit.  Second, the Menu bar
sometimes does not appear, other times it disappears.  Yes, I have
clicked the little thingy that makes it shrink or expand with no
results.  Third and worst, if I close the browser (Navigator) window I
cannot open a browser again without rebooting.  I have tried the Window
menu, the status bar icon and restarting SM.  BTW, when I reboot it says
it is having a problem closing SM, even though I have already closed it
and TaskManager agrees there are no apps running.  I have reverted to SM
1.1 but the problems persist.  I am running Win XP with all the
upgrades.  HELP!

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Hello to all, we are using an automatic software deployment system (http;// This tool installs software with administrative rights but without any user logged in. Deinstalling SM 1.07 and installing SM 1.1.1 with commandline switch '- ma' is no problem. It is also no Problem to start SM 1.1.1 after installation with a enigmail.xpi under control auf AutIt using this administrative task. There is also no problem to login afterwards and to start SM 1.1.1 if the user had no SM 1.0.7 profile before. But is the user had a 1.0.7 Profile before (wich was created with...

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Hi localizers, Sorry for not informing you earlier on, but first we had to do a few respins and then I was too busy with the FOSDEM conference... Anyways, we're about to release the newest SeaMonkey security and stability update releases right now, with the version numbers 1.0.8 and 1.1.1 Due to our L10n freezes, both work with the language packs from earlier versions (1.0 or 1.1), but if you want binary builds up on FTP, you need to regenerate them for those versions. Both are already up in their respective release directories:

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I tried installing SeaMonkey 1.1.1+ (PW enhanced version) several days ago. I found very quickly that it is prone to locking my my system completely. Generally this happens (fairly reliably, in fact) when (a) I have multiple tabs open, and (b) one tab pops up a dialog window (e.g. "cookie" window, download prompt, etc.), usually when a different tab is also trying to load a page or do something. As soon as the dialog appears, the WPS completely locks up. Ctrl-Esc does not work, and even the WarpCentre clock stops. C-A-D mercifully still functions, although it simply ...

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Hi Robert, Latest Mac nightly 1.1.1 is third of April. Same problem as a few weeks ago? Nanny ...

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Belarusian [be-BY] localizations for SeaMonkey 1.1.1, 1.0.8 are available. Language Packs: MLP-staff: Please, upload the file to Thank you in advance. Siarhei Please, use the following links to download the packs: http://prd...

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Hebrew SeaMonkey 1.1.1 and 1.0.8 win32 installer and langpack are now available. 1.1.1 win32 installer: 1.1.1 langpack: 1.0.8 win32 installer: 1.0.8 langpack: the language packs should be used with the...

SeaMonkey 1.1.1 and 1.0.8 in italian
Hi, as usual, I've made windows build for SeaMonkey. Can you upload it? 1.1.1: Installer: Langpack: Zip: 1.0.8: Installer: Zip: thanks, Iacopo Ia...

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