Password Manager and Enigmail

I am running 64 bit SeaMonkey 2.49.4 on linux mint x64 18.3 (sylvia)
with the Enigmail 2.0.9 installed.  As I installed this back in early
October, 2018 and have had no need to use it until a few days ago I have
forgotten my pass phrase.  The surprising thing is I can still use it
and believe this is due to saving my pass phrase with Password Manager.

When I select a message with encryption immediately after a restart I
get a pop-up window requesting my pass phrase which has a check box to
save it to Password Manager.  As I have forgotten this I click cancel
and there is a warning displayed about a missing pass phrase and the
message is not opened.

I can work around this by sending an encrypted message to anyone,
including one of the available robots that will respond to them.  After
doing so all encrypted messages are accessible until the timeout.

This behavior leads me to believe that when I installed Enigmail and
sent some signed messages to those I hoped to communicate with that I
was prompted for the pass phrase and clicked the save it to Password
Manager button.

My question is how can I retrieve the pass phrase from Password Manager
so that I can enter it at the other prompt I am getting and save it
there as well.  I have looked and see nothing obvious there.  What
keywords would have been stored with the Enigmail pass phrase that I can
search for to recover it?

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