calendar selection on invite


When one receives an email with an appointment (ICS), Lightning will
show a blue "banner" to add the appointment.
(In about:config it's necessary to have = true
to have direct write access to Google Calendar via invitations.)

Unfortunately, after pressing the button in the blue banner only a
selection of possible calendars that SM considers "worthy" is shown.
Although I have two calendars of the same account using Provider for
Google Calendar (once the main calendar and an additional one), only one
of them is "worthy" of this function. (and a local calendar, which is
not the topic here)

Meanwhile I had read that it is because a calendar needs to be linked to
the e-mail account.
Unfortunately, under right-click => properties the GUI offers an e-mail
selection only for the "worthy" calendar (there I cannot select an
e-mail for the target calendar, the option is simply missing).
Therefore I tried manual setting of
with the ID of the email account, but this brought no change.

Does anyone have any idea if something else is linked or activated
kind regards

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