Very SLOW Firefox - New Installation

A bit of background. I "collect" a certain brand and model of windows 
computer and as they are the same models I copy the partition to a new 
disk and then put it in the new computer. This then has my favourite 
programs and Windows updates already installed etc.

However Firefox is being stubborn on the latest machine, it is extremely 
slow, worse than dial up. Pages take about two minutes to appear and 
that's just with text showing. I haven't timed it for loading a full page.

I am on a relatively slow ADSL connection but using Opera as a USB 
installation but installing it completely in one folder on my "C" drive 
works fine, no lag.

With the Firefox I did the standard install and it asked if I wanted to 
refresh on start-up, I agreed but then without making any further 
changes its super slow.

I have to have Firefox, as the Opera "single folder" installation cannot 
be made a default browser and cannot open links directly from email 
links etc.

However saying that, is there a means by which Firefox can officially be 
installed completely into a single folder on the "C" drive without using 
third party tools to achieve this ?

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