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    <font size="+2"><font face="Comic Sans MS">Greetings, Will the
        modified Theme and Font Changer-(no-expire)  work on FF  V
        52.0.2,  32-bit.   Or is there a version of (no-expire) for
        older FF versions?<br>
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On 1/6/2018 11:28 AM, Mike H wrote:
> Greetings, Will the modified Theme and Font Changer-(no-expire)� work on
> FF� V 52.0.2,� 32-bit.�� Or is there a version of (no-expire) for older
> FF versions?

Read the Web page at
carefully.  My modified version is not signed.  Thus, Firefox is
unlikely to install it unless you know how to override the check for
signed extensions.  Since I do not use Firefox (or even have it
installed), I cannot help you with this.

David E. Ross

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