Re: Firefox won't open some URLs when I press Enter in the location bar


Late answer:

I have noticed that on 59 and 60 if I do not type a Master Password.

No browsing and Firefox gets disconnected from Firefox Sync.

Firefox 61 Beta works, no connection problems.


On Sun, Apr 29, 2018 at 7:30 AM, Anton Shepelev <> wrote:
> Hello, all
> After  an  update from 49.x to 52.7.3 my Firefox has
> become picky in the opening of URLs in  the  address
> bar  upon  presssing  Enter.  For example, if I type
> "" and press Enter, it  works  as  ex-
> pected, but if I type "",
> it ignores Enter so that I am forced raise my  right
> hand  off  the  keyboard, place it on the mouse, and
> click on the tiny grey right arrow to the  right  of
> the address bar that is called "Go to the address in
> the location bar", which is rather annoying.
> Has anyone else noticed this?  Is it a bug?
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