Pop up bar with mic and camera

Hi, how do I get rid of pop up bar from Firefox that shows that something i=
s using mic and/or cam, because it's quite annoying when it's on top of eve=
rything. Here's an image of what I'm talking about, in case my explanation =
isn't very clear. https://imgur.com/pqCpgS1

Also a bit off topic, but did the last update made it so you can't change v=
olume per tab through the volume mixer in windows? That was the main reason=
 I started using Firefox, other browsers didn't allow that, and now it seem=
s it's the same story with Firefox, or is there a way to get that back?

Info about my system: I'm on desktop, running a Firefox Quantum 60.0(64-bit=
) version, on Windows 10.
5/15/2018 5:48:25 PM
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