Flash Player Gone ?

Latest version ?

4/10/2018 2:58:58 PM
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On Tue, 10 Apr 2018 08:58:58 -0600, Ken1943 <ken@invalid.net> wrote:

>Latest version ?

Ignore, my security program blocked something
4/10/2018 3:05:48 PM
On 4/10/2018 10:58 AM, Ken1943 wrote:
> Latest version ?
> KenW

You don't specify your OS or how you're determining that you don't have 

For me, using Win10 Home, 64 bit, FF 60.0 64 bit, when I go to Tools -> 
Add-ons -> Plug-ins I have Shockwave Flash 29.0 r0 listed, which I 
didn't install myself, but which apparently came bundled with FF.

When I go to:

  https://www.codegeek.net/services/resources/flash-player-test-page/ it 
reports that I have javascript active and have flash installed. There 
are links on that page to adobe flash, which you can install in the 
event for some reason you don't have flash installed.  If you're having 
problems getting flash to work after installation, try FF in safe mode. 
You may have an add-on which is interfering.

Also, see:


Perhaps you're flash installation is blocked from activating by the web 
site you on which you are trying to view a flash video, if you have a 
certain setting enabled on your FF installation of flash.  (See the URL 
immediately above.)

I'm an end user, not an expert.  Doubt if I can provide any further info 
that might be useful to you.  You may want to do some research via a web 
search engine.  Good luck!
5/12/2018 5:04:06 PM