Firefox on WinXP problem connecting to proxy

I've a problem that I'm hoping to get help with in this group. I'm
running a network of Win XP machines in a school. We have 45 +
machines and a total of 350 users who all use all the machines. I
need to find a way to script or use a MS group policy (or some other
solution) to force all users to connect to the Internet through our
proxy server. I've not been able to find a really working solution,
and to make things worse ;-) we cannot set the proxy to use port 80
(to make it transparent) as the proxy server is also our web server.
Yes I know thats not good, but we have a very tight budget and
somtimes we just need to do such things.
Does anyone know a way to make a log-on script or how to set up
registry or a group policy to force this?
Since 45 machines times 350 users equals 15750 config. files it's not
feasable to edit the users config. file. Is there a way to set this
up in the "docunents and settings -> "all users" folder?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hans Poppe
Oslo, Norway
10/31/2006 11:01:45 AM 24264 articles. 7 followers. Post Follow

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