Better support for dark themes wanted

I'm running FF56 on a Linux Mint 18.1 MATE 64bit.
One after the other addon update for webextension is coming in these
days and today one of them was "Dark Background and Light Text", which
I've been using to improve my dark theme.
Unfortunately, the about:add-on page has turned into this ugly bright
white again, wich almost burns in my eyes especially when I just came
from a dark page.

I also have the Stylus addon (successor of Stylish) and I don't see
anything anymore, when I click this addon's icon, because the font
colour is almost the same as the background color.

Besides, when I open a new tab, the background is white, too.
To get rid of this, I created a userContent.css (in the subfolder
"chrome", which I also added myself) with this content:

	@-moz-document url("about:newtab") {
	 body { background-color: #121212 !important;}

.....but the search bar of a new tab (when set to "Mostly viewed pages",
where previews of the previously visited pages are displayed), still has
a white background and the title bar of each of those previews also has
that white background.

I also tried...

	@-moz-document url("about:addons") {
	 body { background-color: #121212 !important;}
	} make the addon list dark again, but it didn't work.
It is still bright white.

Let me add, in some forums, when I want to enter a post, the editor
section also has white background.

How can I make all these sections dark again, without(!) violating these
new webextension policies, please?
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