annoying video "popup"

using 56.0.2 - website (maybe others...)

some pages autorun a video, then if you scroll down the video keeps playing=
 but "pops up" in the lower right corner.  the original video block at the =
top stops showing the video, but if you scroll back up the little box in th=
e lower right stops and the "main block" at top resumes.

I found the about:media.autoplay and successfully stop autoplay.
before disabling autoplay, even if I click X'd the video to close the littl=
e box, the next video would pop up; an annoying constant stream of closing =

follow that (autoplay disabled) tried any number of popup blockers with no =
success - perhaps the 'feature' is not a 'real' popup in html5?  it still p=
ops up in the lower right corner but it's not playing and if I close the vi=
deo the next one does not start.  so - that's a partial bit of peace&quiet =
to my surfing . . .

but,,,, is it possible to prevent the smaller video from popping up in the =
lower right corner?  I presume this new feature has a name, but I don't kno=
w what it's called except "little annoying box in lower right corner"

I've only noticed it on - and not every page.
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