win7 and ubuntu 16.04.2

Hello I fresh install a double boot with win7 and ubuntu 16.04.2 (sharing m=
y thunderbird profile between os)

lightning does work under linux with a compatibility isuue :

"Le composant binaire n=C3=A9cessaire pour Lightning ne peut pas =C3=AAtre =
charg=C3=A9, probablement en raison d'une mauvaise combinaison de versions.=
 Lightning 4.7.4 est install=C3=A9, mais vous devriez utiliser une version =
de la s=C3=A9rie 4.7.

I try lightning 4.7.8

even I use the official thunderbird release (45.8.0) instead of the ubuntu =
(45.7.0) version.

I tried several previous versions of the addon without succes

any ideas?
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