Wanted: Tips, Add-ons, or New Features to implement The One-Minute Todo List (1MTD) & Master Your Now (MYN)

Michael Linenberger's One-Minute Todo List (1MTD) and Master Your Now (MYN)=
 are straightforward, sensible ways to process and to organize tasks. It's =
also best suited for implementation on computers and other smart devices.

(Since I can't figure out if it's even possible to include a link in posts =
on Google Groups, let alone how to do it, here is a URL to Linenberger's we=
b page: https://www.michaellinenberger.com/1MTDvsMYN.html.)

1MTD is a simple way to get started and handle less complex task lists. MYN=
 is a more complete approach suitable for large, complex lists. The web sit=
e has a link to a free ebook, "The One-Minute Todo List," that covers 1MTD,=
 how to implement it using either Outlook or Toodledo, and how to extend th=
em to use MYN.

Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning's Tasks feature is tantalizingly close to bei=
ng a really good way to implement 1MTD/MYN. But it's missing a few crucial =
capabilities. Page 99 of the ebook gives a simple list of steps to configur=
e a task manager for 1MTD/MYN, and here is a summary of the steps that AFAI=
K TB/L CANNOT DO, along with some brief discussion:

* Hide tasks with future start dates

* Assign priorities to tasks. Apparently Lightning used to have this featur=
e, but it no longer seems to have it. E.g., the Task dialog window has no p=
riority field.

It may be possible to work around this by using TB/L's Categories feature (=
e.g., create "High," "Medium," and "Low" categories). But, among other thin=
gs, this might also break other uses of the Categories feature (e.g., if on=
e also wants to categorize tasks by project, work vs personal, etc.)

* Sort the task list display by multiple criteria. For 1MTD/MYN, the list s=
hould be sorted by decreasing priority first and then by descending start d=

* Assign a default priority to new tasks; if working around the lack of pri=
orities by using categories, assign a default category to new tasks. IMHO, =
both features should be standard in TB/L.

* Save reusable task-sort configurations.

* Although not on p. 99 in the 1MTD ebook, display tasks grouped by priorit=
y or, if categories are being used as a workaround, by category. Each group=
 should be easily identified with headings, special text (e.g. underlining)=
, colors, etc. Again, IMHO, simultaneous, hierarchical grouping by both pri=
ority and category should be a standard option, so that, e.g., the display =
could show grouped priorities and within each one distinguish categories, s=
o one might see High-Priority/Work tasks, High-Priority/Personal tasks, etc=

Can provide any tips for accomplishing these things or, even better, can re=
commend an add-on that does?

If there's no way to accomplish these things using currently existing TB/L =
Tasks, then please consider this a feature request.

A THOUGHT: todo.txt

Roy Kokkelkoren's Todo.txt extension does some of this. What's more, it sto=
res tasks in a plain-text file that's easily portable across systems, can s=
ynchronize through a cloud service like Dropbox, and easy to extend because=
 it's plain text. There are quite a few apps, running on various platforms,=
 that support the todo.txt format.

Here's some of what the extension does:

* Implements priorities according to the todo.txt syntax and can display th=
em sorted & color-coded.

* Implements todo.txt tags, which can substitute for TB/L's Categories, the=
reby freeing up Categories for the priority usage described above. Furtherm=
ore, one advantage of tags is that a task can fall into multiple categories=
 (e.g., Work + Shopping).

Because of the advantages of the todo.txt format, I'd actually prefer this =
as a basis for a solution. AFAIK, it still won't hide tasks with future sta=
rt dates, sort by multiple criteria, assign a default priority, or save reu=
sable task-sort configurations. Still, it's a start, and the database part =
of what's needed for for these other capabilities are there.

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