Lightning doesn't sync recurring events of Google group calendars properly

Hi calendar group,

I have a problem with Lightning (4.7.8) running in Thunderbird (45.8.0) on =
MacOS X (10.8.5): I use the Addon "Provider f=C3=BCr Google Kalender (3.1)"=
 to integrate my Google calendars in Thunderbird. Normally this works well =
for either my own calendars but also group calendars. But for some recurrin=
g events my prof created on another device the synchronization doesn't work=
 (automatic sync every 60min). Those events appear in my calendar in TB on =
their originally date and not on the new one. Maunally syncing doesn't help=
.. The only thing that works is removing/unsubscribing this calendar and re-=
subscribing. After the first synchronization after subscription the concern=
ing event appears on the correct date. Curiosly enough, in the web calendar=
 those events are always displayed corretcly. Do you have any idea what I c=
ould change in my TB calendar settings to synchronize this group calendar p=

P.S. A colleague of mine has the same problem with TB on Ubuntu.
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