To use SSL please install IO::Socket::SSL

Hi Team,

One more time I am getting error while creating user in bugzilla. Email section in bugzilla is properly configured with userid and password. 

* This is Bugzilla 5.0.6 on perl 5.16.3
* Running on Linux 3.10.0-957.21.3.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue Jun 18 16:35:19 UTC 201                                                                                        9

Checking perl modules...
Checking for      (v3.51)     ok: found v3.63
Checking for           Digest-SHA (any)       ok: found v5.85
Checking for             TimeDate (v2.23)     ok: found v2.24
Checking for             DateTime (v0.75)     ok: found v1.04
Checking for    DateTime-TimeZone (v1.64)     ok: found v1.70
Checking for                  DBI (v1.614)    ok: found v1.627
Checking for     Template-Toolkit (v2.24)     ok: found v2.24
Checking for         Email-Sender (v1.300011) ok: found v1.300031
Checking for           Email-MIME (v1.904)    ok: found v1.946
Checking for                  URI (v1.55)     ok: found v1.60
Checking for       List-MoreUtils (v0.32)     ok: found v0.33
Checking for    Math-Random-ISAAC (v1.0.1)    ok: found v1.004
Checking for              JSON-XS (v2.01)     ok: found v4.02

Checking available perl DBD modules...
Checking for               DBD-Pg (v2.7.0)    not found
Checking for            DBD-mysql (v4.001)    ok: found v4.023
Checking for           DBD-SQLite (v1.29)     ok: found v1.39
Checking for           DBD-Oracle (v1.19)     not found

The following Perl modules are optional:
Checking for                   GD (v1.20)     ok: found v2.49
Checking for                Chart (v2.4.1)    ok: found v2.4.10
Checking for          Template-GD (any)       ok: found v1.56
Checking for           GDTextUtil (any)       ok: found v0.86
Checking for              GDGraph (any)       ok: found v1.54
Checking for           MIME-tools (v5.406)    ok: found v5.509
Checking for          libwww-perl (any)       ok: found v6.05
Checking for             XML-Twig (any)       ok: found v3.44
Checking for          PatchReader (v0.9.6)    ok: found v0.9.6
Checking for            perl-ldap (any)       ok: found v0.56
Checking for          Authen-SASL (any)       ok: found v2.15
Checking for         Net-SMTP-SSL (v1.01)     ok: found v1.04
Checking for           RadiusPerl (any)       ok: found v0.30
Checking for            SOAP-Lite (v0.712)    ok: found v1.27
Checking for          XMLRPC-Lite (v0.712)    ok: found v0.717
Checking for             JSON-RPC (any)       ok: found v1.06
Checking for           Test-Taint (v1.06)     ok: found v1.06
Checking for          HTML-Parser (v3.67)     ok: found v3.71
Checking for        HTML-Scrubber (any)       ok: found v0.17
Checking for               Encode (v2.21)     ok: found v3.01
Checking for        Encode-Detect (any)       ok: found v1.01
Checking for          Email-Reply (any)       ok: found v1.204
Checking for HTML-FormatText-WithLinks (v0.13)     ok: found v0.14
Checking for          TheSchwartz (v1.07)     ok: found v1.12
Checking for       Daemon-Generic (any)       ok: found v0.85
Checking for             mod_perl (v1.999022) ok: found v2.000010
Checking for     Apache-SizeLimit (v0.96)     ok: found v0.97
Checking for        File-MimeInfo (any)       ok: found v0.29
Checking for           IO-stringy (any)       ok: found v2.110
Checking for      Cache-Memcached (any)       ok: found v1.30
Checking for  File-Copy-Recursive (any)       ok: found v0.44
Checking for           File-Which (any)       ok: found v1.09
Checking for              mod_env (any)       ok
Checking for          mod_expires (any)       ok
Checking for          mod_headers (any)       ok
Checking for          mod_rewrite (any)       ok
Checking for          mod_version (any)       ok
Reading ./localconfig...
Checking for            DBD-mysql (v4.001)    ok: found v4.023
Checking for                MySQL (v5.0.15)   ok: found v10.2.25-MariaDB

Removing existing compiled templates...
Precompiling templates...done.
Fixing file permissions... complete.


Software error:

Can't locate object method "message" via package "To use SSL please install IO::Socket::SSL with version>=2.007 at lib/Net/ line 69.
" (perhaps you forgot to load "To use SSL please install IO::Socket::SSL with version>=2.007 at lib/Net/ line 69.
"?) at Bugzilla/ line 188..

For help, please send mail to the webmaster (root@localhost), giving this error message and the time and date of the error.
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It is got resolved by:

  [root@panzer ~]#rm -rf lib/
  [root@panzer ~]#mkdri lib
  [root@panzer ~]#mkdir lib
  [root@panzer ~]#ls -l
  [root@panzer ~]#chown -R :apache lib/
  [root@panzer ~]#ls -l
  [root@panzer ~] --all
  [root@panzer ~]#./ --all
  [root@panzer ~]#./
7/8/2019 7:06:26 PM
Guten Tag,
am Montag, 8. Juli 2019 um 21:06 schrieben Sie:

>   [root@panzer ~]#./ --all

And because you have done that in the past as well, you have got the
problem in the first case. Can't stress that enough: Don't do that
unless absolutely necessary! Always prefer the package manager of your
distribution and only install packages using which
are not available by your package manager and you absolutely need.
That's exactly what the docs are telling as well:

> Use your distribution=92s package manager to install Perl[...]

Packages installed by won't be covered by updates,
upgrades or whatever change your system is running through making
things icompatible for any reason at any point in time.

Mit freundlichen Gr=FC=DFen,

Thorsten Sch=F6ning

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AM-SoFT IT-Systeme

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7/9/2019 6:22:44 AM