Can you please help me with my problem. If we don't have option Administrati=
on->Parameters->Email->use_mailer_queue On, our mails are working ok. But as=
 our smtp server is sometimes offline, we wanted to turn on mail queue. So w=
e set this to on. Do we have to do something else so that mails would work?

Where is the problem? If we set use_mailer_queue to On, mails don't go out. =
They go to table ts_job and stay there. Can you help me to resolve the issue=

We have Bugzilla version 5.0.4 running on CentOS 7. What I tried already?

Runing this says 0 jobs in queue although one item is in ts_job table:
/etc/init.d/bugzilla-queue status
Configuration looks okay
bugzilla-queue running - pid 20494
0 jobs in the queue.

Also restart of jobqueue doesn't say it is anything wrong:
[root@bugzilla-test bugzilla]# ./ -d restart
Killing 21763
Starting server

Status ok:
[root@bugzilla-test bugzilla]# ./ -d status
PIDFILE=3D./data/ running - pid 23104
0 jobs in the queue.

Everything looks ok:
[root@bugzilla-test bugzilla]# ./ -d once
Starting server

I installed it with:
=2E/ install

In /var/log/messages I see that every 5 seconds it checks for job, but it do=
esn't find any:
Apr 12 14:40:20 XXXX[23104]: No jobs found

What did I miss? Please help.

BR Denis
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