Involuntary list subscriptions?

Over the last few hours we've had an unusually large number of new subscrib=
ers to this mailing list=2E

If we're just getting advertised somewhere new and you're all here on purp=
ose, then welcome to the list!

But they're all Yahoo and AOL addresses (both now run by OATH) which makes=
 me really suspicious (because they're all from the same provider, not beca=
use of who the ISP is)=2E

This list has a double opt in policy for new subscribers, which means whoe=
ver is creating the new subscriptions has access to the email addresses=2E =
If you were just recently subscribed and it was against your will, I sugges=
t changing your email password, double check any forwarding configuration, =
and contacting OATH tech support to report it=2E You can use the link at th=
e bottom of this email to unsubscribe=2E
Sent from my Android phone with K-9 Mail=2E Please excuse my brevity=2E
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