HELP: HELP: HELP: Not able to see Bugzilla web page when I install Bugzilla for window

Hi There,
I would appreciate if someone can help me to resolve the issue : Not able t=
o see Bugzilla web page when I execute "" with my company doma=
in name. Please see below  environment and step by step I took to install B=
ugzilla for windows:

MS windows 7(64-bit)
Installed on VM version 8
Steps I took to install BugZilla windows:

1.       Installed ActivePerl- (ActivePerl-

2.       Installed Perl modules (Per Bugzilla 5.1 documentation)

3.       Installed Mysql-installer-community- (mysql-installer-comm=

4.       Installed Apache 2.2 (apache2_2_29 for windows (httpd-2.4.12-win32=

5.       Installed bugzilla-4.4.8

After installation I performed following steps:

6.       Configure "localconfig" file as following, after configuration sav=
ed the file:

a.       $webservergroup =3D 'apache'

b.      $db_driver  =3D 'mysql'

c.       $db_host  =3D 'localhost'

d.      $db_name  =3D 'bugs'

e.      $db_pass  =3D 'Bugs4ALL'

f.        $db_port =3D '3306'

g.       $db_check =3D 0

7.       Observed C:\Bugzilla\data is created the first time you run checks=

8.       Modified httpd.conf file under C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apach=

Set DocumentRoot to  "C:/bugzilla".

9.       To enable CGI support in Apache, uncommented the AddHandler cgi-sc=
ript .cgi line located at httpd.conf.

10.   To teach Apache about Bugzilla added following to httpd.conf
<Directory "C:/bugzilla">
    ScriptInterpreterSource Registry-Strict
    Options +ExecCGI +FollowSymLinks
    DirectoryIndex index.cgi index.html
    AllowOverride Limit FileInfo Indexes Options

11.   In order for ScriptInterpreterSource Registry-Strict, create a key HK=
EY_CLASSES_ROOT\.cgi\Shell\ExecCGI\Command with the default value of the fu=
ll path of perl.exe with a -T parameter. For example C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe -=

12.   Here how I checked the installed version/ Start server:

a.       Run cmd prompt to check installed perl version (-v).

b.      Start  MySQL56 server (DB server):  I used MySQL Workbench to start=
 the server.

c.       Start Apache2.4 server (web server): C:\Apache24\bin> httpd.exe -k

13.   Ran and got message " complete."  I observ=
ed it created Bugzilla tables.

14.   Try to run http://<your-bugzilla-server>/(my<http://%3c=
your-bugzilla-server%3e/(my> server domain name)

-Run was unsuccessful: I got error message " Can't locate in @in=
c (you may need to install the BugZilla module)(@INC contains:.lib c:/Perl/=
site/il C:/Perl/lib) at c:\bugzilla\ line 16"

15.   For trouble shoot I added a copy of httpd.conf file at /Users/[My nam=
e]/AppData/VirtualStore/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/=
I would appreciate if someone can help me to resolve the issue. Please me h=
ow to contact you.

Kind Regards
Engineer, Software Quality Assurance
Tel: 510-429-8192
Fax: 510-429-9945
[Mizuho OSI Signature Logo]

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