Error while in command line #2

The following error im getting while configuring bugzilla.... 

Please help me for completing the installation and configuration of Bugzilla. That mean a lot to me. 

I have posted the complete commandline input below. please refer and provide a solution. 

> C:\bugzilla> 
* This is Bugzilla 5.0.6 on perl 5.24.3 
* Running on Win10 Build 17134 

Checking perl modules... 
Checking for      (v3.51)     ok: found v4.43 
Checking for           Digest-SHA (any)       ok: found v6.02 
Checking for             TimeDate (v2.23)     ok: found v2.24 
Checking for             DateTime (v0.75)     ok: found v1.48 
Checking for    DateTime-TimeZone (v1.64)     ok: found v2.18 
Checking for                  DBI (v1.614)    ok: found v1.642 
Checking for     Template-Toolkit (v2.24)     ok: found v2.29 
Checking for         Email-Sender (v1.300011) ok: found v1.300031 
Checking for           Email-MIME (v1.904)    ok: found v1.946 
Checking for                  URI (v1.55)     ok: found v1.73 
Checking for       List-MoreUtils (v0.32)     ok: found v0.426 
Checking for    Math-Random-ISAAC (v1.0.1)    ok: found v1.004 
Checking for              JSON-XS (v2.01)     ok: found v3.03 
Checking for                Win32 (v0.35)     ok: found v0.52 
Checking for            Win32-API (v0.55)     ok: found v0.84 
Checking for DateTime-TimeZone-Local-Win32 (v1.64)     ok: found v2.04 

Checking available perl DBD modules... 
Checking for               DBD-Pg (v2.7.0)    ok: found v3.7.0 
Checking for           DBD-SQLite (v1.29)     ok: found v1.54 
Checking for            DBD-mysql (v4.001)    ok: found v4.033 
Checking for           DBD-Oracle (v1.19)     ok: found v1.74 

The following Perl modules are optional: 
Checking for                   GD (v1.20)     ok: found v2.66 
Checking for                Chart (v2.4.1)    ok: found v2.4.10 
Checking for          Template-GD (any)       ok: found v1.56 
Checking for           GDTextUtil (any)       ok: found v0.86 
Checking for              GDGraph (any)       ok: found v1.54 
Checking for           MIME-tools (v5.406)    ok: found v5.509 
Checking for          libwww-perl (any)       ok: found v6.29 
Checking for             XML-Twig (any)       ok: found v3.52 
Checking for          PatchReader (v0.9.6)    ok: found v0.9.6 
Checking for            perl-ldap (any)       ok: found v0.65 
Checking for          Authen-SASL (any)       ok: found v2.16 
Checking for         Net-SMTP-SSL (v1.01)     ok: found v1.04 
Checking for           RadiusPerl (any)       not found 
Checking for            SOAP-Lite (v0.712)    ok: found v1.20 
Checking for          XMLRPC-Lite (v0.712)    ok: found v0.717 
Checking for             JSON-RPC (any)       ok: found v0.96 
Checking for           Test-Taint (v1.06)     ok: found v1.06 
Checking for          HTML-Parser (v3.67)     ok: found v3.72 
Checking for        HTML-Scrubber (any)       ok: found v0.15 
Checking for               Encode (v2.21)     ok: found v2.93 
Checking for        Encode-Detect (any)       not found 
Checking for          Email-Reply (any)       ok: found v1.204 
Checking for HTML-FormatText-WithLinks (v0.13)     ok: found v0.15 
Checking for          TheSchwartz (v1.07)     not found 
Checking for       Daemon-Generic (any)       not found 
Checking for             mod_perl (v1.999022) not found 
Checking for     Apache-SizeLimit (v0.96)     not found 
Checking for        File-MimeInfo (any)       not found 
Checking for           IO-stringy (any)       ok: found v2.111 
Checking for      Cache-Memcached (any)       not found 
Checking for  File-Copy-Recursive (any)       ok: found v0.38 
Checking for           File-Which (any)       ok: found v1.22 
* OPTIONAL MODULES                                                    * 
* Certain Perl modules are not required by Bugzilla, but by           * 
* installing the latest version you gain access to additional         * 
* features.                                                           * 
*                                                                     * 
* The optional modules you do not have installed are listed below,    * 
* with the name of the feature they enable. Below that table are the  * 
* commands to install each module.                                    * 
*      MODULE NAME * ENABLES FEATURE(S)                               * 
*       RadiusPerl * RADIUS Authentication                            * 
*    Encode-Detect * Automatic charset detection for text attachments * 
*      TheSchwartz * Mail Queueing                                    * 
*   Daemon-Generic * Mail Queueing                                    * 
*         mod_perl * mod_perl                                         * 
* Apache-SizeLimit * mod_perl                                         * 
*    File-MimeInfo * Sniff MIME type of attachments                   * 
*  Cache-Memcached * Memcached Support                                * 

     RadiusPerl: ppm install RadiusPerl 
  Encode-Detect: ppm install Encode-Detect 
    TheSchwartz: ppm install TheSchwartz 
 Daemon-Generic: ppm install Daemon-Generic 
       mod_perl: ppm install mod_perl 
Apache-SizeLimit: ppm install Apache-SizeLimit 
  File-MimeInfo: ppm install File-MimeInfo 
Cache-Memcached: ppm install Cache-Memcached 

Reading ./localconfig... 

OPTIONAL NOTE: If you want to be able to use the 'difference between two 
patches' feature of Bugzilla (which requires the PatchReader Perl module 
as well), you should install patchutils from: 

Checking for            DBD-mysql (v4.001)    ok: found v4.033 
Checking for                MySQL (v5.0.15)   ok: found v8.0.16 

Removing existing compiled templates... 
Precompiling templates...Template creation failed: failed to create constants namespace: failed to load Template/Stash/ Couldn't load Template::Stash::XS 2.29: 

Can't load 'C:/Perl64/site/lib/auto/Template/Stash/XS/XS.dll' for module Template::Stash::XS: load_file:The specified module could not be found at C:/Perl64/lib/ line 194. 
  at C:/Perl64/site/lib/Template/Stash/ line 31. 
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at C:/Perl64/site/lib/Template/Stash/ line 31. 
Compilation failed in require at C:/Perl64/site/lib/Template/ line 82. 
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