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Hi All,

Has anyone had any luck getting the 'New Charts - plot any arbitrary search=
 against time. Far more powerful.' to work?

I am using Bugzilla 4.02 and when I try this feature, I get the chart up, b=
ut without data.

No matter what I select, this does not seem to work.

Any suggestions on this, or what I am doing wrong?


Richard Aronson
Engineering Test Manager


W: 510.814.7000 ext. 609
C: 510.589.4035<>

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Le 01. 03. 12 22:51, Richard Aronson a �crit :
> I am using Bugzilla 4.02 and when I try this feature, I get the chart
> up, but without data.

You must run the script on a daily basis to generate the
data, e.g. as a cron job.

3/1/2012 10:06:20 PM

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