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Hi everyone,

The Mozilla lexicon is a new effort to gather and define Mozilla-project specific terms on the Mozilla Wiki.

As Mozilla has grown significantly with new employees and active contributors from across the globe, the Contributor Engagement team is gathering project-related terms in one place and will work with interested contributors to define key terms.

To be clear, the lexicon will not compete with MDN, which is our platform for technical/web standards documentation. The lexicon will focus on defining non-technical, project-related terms- initially a working set of definitions to help us talking about ourselves as a part of the community of Mozillians, with a future goal of greater set of Mozilla-specific terminology. Another key goal will be moving towards more inclusive language to be used by all Mozillians, in order to support the growth of the project overall.

Contributor Engagement is managing the lexicon project, but anyone who is confused about Mozilla-specific terminology is welcome to contribute: propose terms that need clarification, help define these terms, promote use of the lexicon itself, etc. 

If you are new to Mozilla, we really would like to hear from you. What Mozilla project-related terms are (or were)you confused about at first? What acronyms (non-technical) do you not understand or had difficulty finding a definition for? What community-related terms were not obvious to you when you first started getting involved in Mozilla?

Please contact Gen Kanai <gen at mozilla dot com> for any questions or comments or constructive criticism about the lexicon project. As we gather contributors (please come help!) and contributions (i.e. feedback from you!), the lexicon will grow and become more and more useful to Mozilla.

Thank you!

Gen Kanai

10/4/2011 5:21:29 PM
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