Mozilla Hindi Community Meet-up and Fennec Launch - Hindi India

Hello Mozillians,

I am thrilled to announce that we are going to organize two big events this

1) Mozilla Hindi Community Meet-up

2) Fennec Launch - Hindi India

Before I go to details of these event I want to summarize some past events:

Mozilla Hindi Community Meet-up:

It was the very first event where localizers from all over India
participated to learn and teach Localization. It was a successful event as
it resulted in some long term active contributors for Hindi community. It
was also a turning point because from this event we distributed the labour
of doing work among us.




L10N Mozilla Firefox Os Meet:

This event had localizers form multiple Indic languages and from all over
India. There were more than 50 localizers and three Mozilla Staffs. This
event resulted in multiple outcomes from different languages. Whether
translating 4000 strings, or Testing cases on MozTrap or language testing
on Flame and keon device this event was full of energy and passion for hard


So now its time for some more awesome events with more passion and hard
work. Its time for Mozilla Hindi Community Meet-up and Hindi Fennec Launch.

Mozilla Hindi Community Meet-up:


    Introduction to Mozilla Translation to new members
    Translation Review - Firefox OS - Hindi
    Review of hindi extension of Firefox -Spell Checker
    Mobile Terminology Finalization - FUEL - Review.
    Review of in hi_IN
    Plan/Translation Sprint for Mozilla Applications and SUMO
    Translation and Review of Marketplace -
    Review of
    Review of
    Translation and Review of
    Translation of Firefox 33 (Aurora )
    A Book on Mozilla Firefox : Proposal by Rajesh
    Future Planning.

Venue: Centre for Development of Advanced Computing : C-DAC

City: Pune, Maharashtra, India

Date: 11 - 12 Oct 2014

Fennec Launch Hindi - India:

Venue: Council-I, Seasons Apartment Hotel

City: Pune, Maharashtra, India

Date: 11 Oct 2014

Time: 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

For more details check out our wiki page :

If you are in or around Pune then feel free to contact us for attending
this event.

Contact Details:

Rajesh Ranjan:    9860576239 |

Shahid Farooqui:  8017479280 |

Umesh Agarwal : 8436036610 |

Have a great time!

Thank You


Umesh Agarwal

On behalf of Hindi Team
10/3/2014 5:42:49 PM
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