[Mozilla Reps] Leaving Mozilla Reps Program

Hi All ,

Hope everyone is relaxed after the long journey and enjoyed Summit with
full of joy and dedication.

This is to inform about my decision of leaving Mozilla Reps Program.

I am going through the critical face of my carrier and in this time it will
not be possible for me to handle Reps Responsibility.

At this point of time i have to work hard to secure my self with my carrier
and i have some personal commitment towards it   .
So decided to take voluntary retirement from the Mozilla Reps Program,

i think it's better to take retirement then being Inactive for long period.

I will continue my work and contribution to mozilla as a mozillian when
ever i will get time.

It was  very nice time with working you , enjoyed that time a lot and lot
of good memories of mozilla events :)

will keep in touch and once i will get time with stability will think to
join this Program again in future but as of now it's hard but have to say
good bye to Reps.

Ashish Namdev*
Associate Engineer,
Broadcom India
Twitter*  : *@ashish_nam*
Wizpert :* http://wizpert.com/AshishN
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Ashish.MSR
10/11/2013 8:44:27 AM
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Hey Mozillians, It's a great pleasure to announce, that the Comms Reps mailing list<https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/reps-comms>is finally LIVE. All comms-reps are requested to visit to the listinfo page & subscribe to the list, and dive deeper into the communication SIG projects. Talking of which, we'll have the Project NeMo <https://wiki.mozilla.org/NeMo> to start with; and having so many awesome reps, we're sure to have some more experimentations starting pretty soon, expectedly! So, go ahead and take the first step to make the Comms-SIG a pure su...

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After we upgraded to ASE12.5 and REP12.1 we're experiencing a problem related to the rep agent.every 15 minutes after hour it cannont keep up the log (for 10 minutes it practically stop to read from the log) We increase the maxmemory of REPServer to 400M and the scan_batch_size to 10000. Do you have any suggestion why it can't keep up the log only for a certain period? Thanks in advance.... ...

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