New module proposal: Animation

Dear all,

Over the past few years there has been a lot of work on animations in
Gecko: CSS Transitions, CSS Animations, off-main thread animations,
and the Web Animations API. The people who work on this tend to
specialize in it so I think it makes sense to formalize this as a
separate module.

Proposed module:

Name: Animation
Description: Declarative animations: CSS animations, CSS transitions,
Web Animations API, and off-main thread animations
Owner: Brian Birtles
Peers: Hiroyuki Ikezoe, Matt Woodrow
Source Dirs: dom/animation; and animation-related code in
layout/style, servo/components/style, and gfx/layers
Bugzilla Components: Core::DOM::Animation, Core::CSS Parsing and Computation
Discussion Group: dev-tech-layout

Best regards,

1/12/2018 1:17:06 AM
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