Incompatible Add-Ons for Firefox 3.1 Beta 3

Name:    Rachele-Angela Marandola
Email:   zetsuboudotlakrimaatgmaildotcom
Product: Firefox Release Candidate
Summary: Incompatible Add-Ons for Firefox 3.1 Beta 3


I just wanted to let you know that I'm trying out the Firefox 3.1 Beta 3
and that I love it! Though, I've encountered a few problems along the
way concerning my add-ons. Some of them don't seem to be compatible with
this version of Firefox. The incompatible add-ons are as follows :
Better Gcal, Better Gmail 2 and Google Gears. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my feedback and I wish you great
success in the development of Firefox.

Browser Details: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv:1.9.1b3) Gecko/20090305 Firefox/3.1b3
From URL:

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3/29/2009 5:36:57 PM
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