Firefox NOT Supporting Standards Based Web Services

Name:    Buck
Email:   bsmolowatgmaildotcom
Product: Firefox
Summary: Firefox NOT Supporting Standards Based Web Services

Dear Firefox folks,
After searching high and low for a contact managment application that
suited my narrow needs, I found Qasper ( ). I soon
learned that the product only works with MSIE6. ARGH!! I wrote to the
developers and received the following email. Please comment on it for me
- it is contrary to what I expected.

Qasper Tech Support techsupport at qasper com 	
to me
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	 Apr 8 (16 hours ago) 
The problem is that Firefox and Safari do NOT support standards-based
web services, Buck. We've petitioned them many times to do that but they
have not yet done so.
We have circulated dozens of programmer communities in search of someone
who can generate standards-based Web Service calls against back-end .NET
web services via client-side Javascript using Firefox and have found no
With IE, it's a one-line call via Javascript. With Firefox, not only is
it a complex set of code (that no one can get to work), but further
requires a special security acknowledgement.
Without web services, you cannot ensure backend security.
If we were able to call .NET web services from Firefox via client-side
Javascript, we'd do it in a New York minute and you would have what you
Fred Dalgleish
Qasper Tech Support
original message
Buck Smolow 	
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Apr 8 (16 hours ago) 
After months of searching for a contact manager that would require
little if no customization and great featrures I found Qasper and was
ecstatic until I see that you programmed only for Microsoft product
instead of opensource or standards based. How incredibly sad. Do you
even have a plan to move away from MS and offer cross platform, cross
app functionality? Firefox and Safari (not to mention Web 2.0 desktops)
are finally putting some nails in MS's coffin.

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