"Rightclick+T" to "Open in new tab".

Name:    Lars
Email:   larsdotwilatonlinedotno
Product: Firefox
Summary: "Rightclick+T" to "Open in new tab". 

This is a free software, so I am not complaining, just giving some feeback. 

In any web page, you can "right click + t". This is the fastest way to
open a number of pages. 

However if you use "right click + t" on the bookmark tool bar, it will
delete the bookmark. 

So it is inconsistence, becuase I use "right click + t" all the time,
and when I use it in the bookmark toolbar, it delete the bookmark, and I
must search and add it in again. 

But hey, this is a free software, so why complain ? 

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4/25/2007 7:45:09 AM
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