V3 RC1 Feedback - Font Size Changes

Name:    John Bickford
Email:   JohnBickfordatAlumnidotUVMdotedu
Product: Firefox
Summary: V3 RC1 Feedback - Font Size Changes 

(1) About 10 seconds after initiating my FF v3 RC1 will change to a
smaller font/ At startup I currently have about 8 tabs active, but is
SEEMS to only impact the tab being viewed. (I have not been running it
long enough at this point to be 100% positive others are not impacted,
but the one being viewed is a problem. 

(2) With FF v2 I got one password prompt on startup. With v3 RC1 I
receive several (typically 3) -- or, possibly, the same one repeated but
not accepting the password? (As it flashes after I hit "Enter" the
number of dots in the password entry is reduced prior to the next prompt.) 

My system is Vista Ultimate SP-1, 32-bit, 2x150GB RAID-2 Raptors for C:,
4x320GB RAID-5 for D:, 2GB RAM. ASUS P5B-E MB and Intel Dual CPU 6400
(2.13 GHz). Other details available on request. 

Let me know if you want me to pre-test a fix for these. 


Browser Details: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv:1.9) Gecko/2008051206 Firefox/3.0
From URL: http://hendrix.mozilla.org/
6/1/2008 2:34:40 AM
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