Firefox saved me again! I love FIREFOX!

Name:    richard gauldin
Email:   richarddotgauldinatsuddenlinkdotcom
Product: Firefox
Summary: Firefox saved me again! I love FIREFOX!

I never thought a browser could actually save me time, and headaches,
but, thats exactly what Firefox did! As a Cable Technician, I frequently
come across customers who aren't very computer savvy. One particular
customer was blaming her poor internet connection and frequent crashes
on our cable modem. 

Turns out her Internet Explorer browser was loaded to maximum capacity
with spyware and even after she ran several spyware cleaning
applications, it still crashed repeatedly. 

To save some time and confusion (and possibly a re-install) I simply
installed Firefox 2.0 on her computer and soon after, we were surfing
the internet problem free. Installing the browser proved that her
internet was fine-it was just her old browser that had issues. Not only
was she amazed at how smooth everything loaded, but no longer did her
screen turn solid white and freeze up. Way to go Firefox! She is now
going to recommend Firefox to all of her friends.

And in one other instance-my wife was doing some spreadsheets and had
used window XP's built in calender to set her date forward so she could
see the calendar for 2008. She forgot to set it back, and IE kept on
refusing to allow her access to sites that use security certificates.
Not knowing what she had done, I was baffled.

Upon trying the same sites out with FireFox, we received the same error,
however, FireFox politely pointed out that maybe we should try checking
our system date and resetting it to the proper year and time if needed.
Sure enough, that was the problem. Wow, what a browser!

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