firefox AND thunderbird improvements

Name:    Richard Azar
Email:   razaratratondotcom
Product: Firefox
Summary: firefox AND thunderbird improvements

I have always liked and relied on Firefox and Thunderbird until now. I 
was running FreeBSD 7.something and ran portupgrade -a. This trashed my 
gnome desktop and made the computer unusable so I reinstalled. I put in 
FreeBSD 8.something, ran cvsup and portsnap then installed those ports 
I wanted. The first two were Firefox3 and Thunderbird. Firefox went in 
easily and seemed to work until I tried filling out web forms. As soon 
as I hit the submit button the program crashes though a restart 
restores the page with the data in it so I can hit submit until it does 
so without crashing.

Thunderbird was improved so much that it never worked. It is possible, 
I suppose, that the new features are so brilliant that users will 
demand that their isps register with Mozilla, rather than simply being 
a symptom of arrogance, I will never know. Any attempt to edit or 
delete the imap server it installed by default resulted in a crash 
requiring a restart, and, after much searching, interrupting the 
automatic configuration process and adding a pop server resulted in 
another automatic installation of the wrong smtp server. Trying to edit 
these settings resulted in more crashes and I lost patience. Opera and 
Evolution are fine.

Browser Details: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/3.5; FreeBSD) KHTML/3.5.10 (like Gecko)
From URL:

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