Feedback to the Firefox-3'beta', programmers...

Name:    Nelson Cook
Email:   cooknelsonatgmaildotcom
Product: Firefox
Summary: Feedback to the Firefox-3'beta', programmers...

Hello, and greetings from a sunny (finally)! Estonia!

OK, I have been using the Firefox-3 beta, for about two weeks now, and I
must say, that appart from it's unexplicable slowness in getting menu's,
or sub windows, such as the 'browse your pc', window, that comes always
when looking for a file (let us say for the sake of an example, that I'm
looking at my pc's 'my pictures',  for a picture for my avatar on a forum).

Well, this is very slow. Also, when I have multiple tabs open, the
normal File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, Help... Menu, become
veery sluggish...

I have a suggestion for that. Why not have an option like the Opera (in
my view your biggest competitor, as I hate Internet Explorer and
Netscape Navigator hasnt quite redeemed itself, even if it has improved
a great deal)...

In opera, one can simply minimize a tab. This means that they arent
anymore in the memory of the program, but on the hard-disc part of it,
yes? Instantly you get a mucho less clogged up Firefox when one has
about six tabs open... And oh yes, I do often have that many open...

Also, when downloading stuff, I wish that it would be somehow more
'smooth', in the way it's interfaced... I just dont like to have to
'delete' and minimize the 'downloads', pop up window every now and
again... Perhaps a thing where you have pre-settings that can be
changed, such as 'automatically delete downloads that have come before x
number of downloads'...?

And, I just cannot figure, how your browser can happily download
websites fast, but then if the website has a interactive function, (for
example writing, many a time I have been writing ten finger 'blind' on
my GMAIL, as there is a half minute of nothing new showing on the
screen, and then I get what I had typed all at once... I do usually ok,
but sometimes there are multiple mistakes that I have to go back and
correct.. Irritating...

So, as I know that your program can receive kilobytes fast from a
website when it's downloading the normal page, then why can't it keep up
with that speed, when an action such as typing, is being done...
Especially on programs like Gmail or Hotmail...?

OK, enough of the 'what's rotten' part...

I must say, that I love two things that Opera hasnt got... And the
other, I belive is a new thing, or maybe I didnt notice it when I last
used Firefox (many months ago)...

1. I love that when I'm about to bookmark a site that is already in my
bookmarks, that a 'warning', comes along, saying 'Do you wish to delete
this bookmark that you already have'? (or something to that effect).

2. The good old, 'mini glimpse', of what it would look like on the full
screen if I did choose to use a certain picture for my desctop
background, be it full screen, or real size in the middle... It's great!

And ofcourse, the regurlar Firefox functionality is good. If only that
multiple tabs cituation could be solved by being able to minimize tabs
that one intends to come back to, but you arent having them active at
the moment...

OK, I hope to hear from any updates, patches, downloads ect...

Yours truly, 

Nelson Cook, 



OK, enough of the 

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