Mozilla Hacks Blog Metrics, December 2014

Hi everyone,

Here are the metrics for the Mozilla Hacks blog for December 2014. Note
that November was an exceptional month for Hacks, best month ever since we
started tracking, due in part to the high-visibility launch of Firefox
Developer Edition browser as part of the Fx 10th birthday campaign.

Big thanks to Growth wizards Gareth Cull & Chris More for helping me
consolidate Robert's grab bag of attachments into one comprehensive Hacks
dashboard. If you have any questions, or if there's a particular view or
metric that you'd like to see, or that seems to be missing, please let me

Also, as you may already know, in late November the Hacks blog migrated to
the instance of Wordpress from an unsupported standalone
instance. Thanks to Chris Turra and Craig Cook for making this as painless
as possible. (Details: Authors will want
to verify their logins.

And, if you're interested in writing a technical post for the Hacks blog or
have ideas for topics we should be covering, please send them my way.
Let's keep rocking the Hacks blog with great Mozilla
content/product/technology for developers on the Open Web!

Thanks for your kind attention.



*December 2014*

*132,345 *Users (*243,302* Nov*, *which was Hacks' best month ever*)*
*205,469 *Pageviews (*383,806 *Nov,* 248,910* previous month)
*85.88%* Bounce Rate (*73.53% *Nov*, 82.85*% previous month)
*10* posts (11 previous month)

The most popular posts were:

   - Introducing the JavaScript Internationalization API:
   - Firefox Developer Edition (Nov):

   - Firebug 3 & Multiprocess Firefox (e10s):
   - Firefox 4: Hardware Acceleration:
   - Mozilla and Web Components: An Update:
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