Hacking our hack days - more hack, less yack

Having just run the MDN hack day in London I found that the way we 
organised this one especially was not efficient and also a bit heavy on 
the speaking/showing side of things. All in all we had 3.5 hours of 
talks/demos which is not a hack day but a small conference.

9:00 Welcome Remarks
9:15 Christian Heilmann - The New Web Challenge
9.45 Rob Hawkes - B2G
10:15 Chloe Varelidi - Catch Them Young - Meet the Web Arcade
10:45 Rob Hawkes - Games
11:15 Break
11:30 Heather Arthur - DevTools
12:00 Jean Yves Perrier - BrowserID
12:30 Brad Lassey - Fennec Goes Native
1.00 Paul Lewis - WebGL Live Demos
1:30 Lunch (Lightning Talk/Discussion Group Sign Up)
2:30 Hacking
5:15 Presentations and Lightning Talks
5:30 Refreshments!

With hackdays being mostly to see people play with our stuff and getting 
to know them (and them us) this is far too much. Therefore I'll propose 
a different format:

Instead of half an hour talks we should do 10 minute quick-fire 
introductions. These should include:

1) Introducing the people at the hackday who are the experts on the topic
2) Showing one very cool thing about the topic
3) Offering a few ideas for hacks on the topic
4) A list of resources, including:
4.1) Where to find information about the topic
4.2) How to reach the team (mailing list/IRC channels)
4.3) Demos using the technologies
4.4) Docs
4.5) Demo code repository
4.6) Related projects (maybe from other companies)

This would free us to have much more time with the participants to hack 
along with them and do a proper follow-up on hacks we had shown at the 

For the show and tell we should make sure that every presenting team 
gives us upfront:

1) Hack name
2) Hack code repository
3) Team member contact details

This would allow us to follow up and convert some hacks into demos.

As Air Mozilla failed us I think we should always do an independent 
video recording we could show later on as well.

All in all this would make it much more about the hacks and what people 
did with our ideas rather than what we did at the hackday. To me this 
makes much more sense as it makes the follow-up much more personal and 
localised to where the hackday was held.

Ideas, comments?


5/14/2012 9:53:08 PM
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