How do I convert org.mozilla.jss.pkix.cert to org.mozilla.jss.crypto.X509Certificate?

Just a simple question: How do I convert org.mozilla.jss.pkix.cert to org.mozilla.jss.crypto.X509Certificate?

I haveseen that there is a small notice on official JSS FAQ which says i should use: Cryptomanager.importCertPackage()

But this method did not work. I got NoSuchItemException, because the if did not found a matching private Key. But it has to work without a private key.

So is there another way? I need tis because all my Certificates are in and i have to convert it to org.mozilla.jss.crypto.X509Certificate because some JSS functions work only with this type of Certificate.

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Try this:

    /** Convert an NSS certificate to a Java X509Certificate */
	protected X509Certificate convertNssCertificate(org.mozilla.jss.crypto.X509Certificate cert) throws CertificateException {
		InputStream in = null;
		try {
			byte[] encodedCert = cert.getEncoded();
			in = new ByteArrayInputStream(encodedCert);
			X509Certificate x509Cert = (X509Certificate)CertificateFactory.getInstance("X.509").generateCertificate(in);
			return x509Cert;
		} finally {
			if (in != null) try { in.close(); } catch (IOException ignore) {}
5/25/2017 7:55:01 PM
Hi Ernie,

Not sure I fully understand the question. Without additional context is
hard to give a good answer.

Now, in one of the JSS tests I see code quite similar to the snippet you
Hopefully studying that test and how it is invoked will help you.


On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 12:55 PM, Ernie Kovak <> wrote:

> Try this:
>     /** Convert an NSS certificate to a Java X509Certificate */
>         protected X509Certificate convertNssCertificate(org.
> mozilla.jss.crypto.X509Certificate cert) throws CertificateException {
>                 InputStream in = null;
>                 try {
>                         byte[] encodedCert = cert.getEncoded();
>                         in = new ByteArrayInputStream(encodedCert);
>                         X509Certificate x509Cert = (X509Certificate)
> CertificateFactory.getInstance("X.509").generateCertificate(in);
>                         return x509Cert;
>                 } finally {
>                         if (in != null) try { in.close(); } catch
> (IOException ignore) {}
>                 }
>         }
> --
> dev-tech-crypto mailing list
5/26/2017 1:40:32 AM

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