superreview requested: [Bug 425130] Release Notes for Camino 1.6 : [Attachment 313381] draft relnotes

Smokey Ardisson (behind; no bugmail - do not email) <> has
asked Mark Mentovai <> for superreview:
Bug 425130: Release Notes for Camino 1.6

Attachment 313381: draft relnotes

------- Additional Comments from Smokey Ardisson (behind; no bugmail - do not
email) <>
These are the draft notes for 1.6.  They're basically the same format as the
1.5 notes, except I had to play a bit with the into phgs' language since we're
still on the same Gecko branch and we require 10.3.9 min (instead of a major
release).  I'm not completely happy with that second pgh, so suggestions

The features are mostly verbatim from the language we used on preview.cbo
(which largely came from the milestone relnotes), merged with the headings we
used for 1.5 in some cases.  I left out the metadata stuff, which we can add
back if the notes seem too short.

I left the relnote for bug 350331, but I wonder whether we can remove it?  I
still see the issue occasionally (and apparently persistently in an early Feb
build), but it seems much more rare than when we initially added the note.
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