superreview requested: [Bug 112922] Ability to edit and split #text nodes : [Attachment 223616] edit text nodes v1

Jason Barnabe (np) <> has asked
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Bug 112922: Ability to edit  and split #text nodes

Attachment 223616: edit text nodes v1

------- Additional Comments from Jason Barnabe (np) <>
This patch makes the text node view editable. The changes will be reflected
onchange (which happens once the textbox loses focus after a change). Undo/Redo
from the Edit menu affects each onchange, Undo/Redo from the textbox context
menu is just regular textbox Undo/Redo.

Since comment, cdata, text, and PI nodes are the only ones that have nodeValues
that are ever not null (attributes can too, but they're not displayed in the
tree), I've updated it to show the big text box for those node types and
removed the "Node Value" box from all the others.

I'd like to handle splitting text nodes separately.
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