Master Password issue (continuing discussions for 973759 and 524403)

since the bugtracker team apparently doesnt like discussions regarding how to adress some bugs I open this discussion now.

my point stands as already outlined.

argon2 as KDF and AES-GCM or something similar for the crypto.

but it's ridiculous that no one really cared about this for NINE YEARS.
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What do you achieve by posting this here that is not simply to spread news of this issue because you don't feel its been suitably resolved in the bugzilla thread?

There is a lot of comment and [recent] discussion in the bugzilla thread so the initial issue has not been ignored.  

Unfortunatrely, your post here is a large amount of opinion with very little actual content. you provide no background and no references so really... I doubt you're going to get much in the way of constructive progression of your actual issue. 

Comments on both your referenced bug reports state that the issue is not as clear cut or as binary as you seem to outlay. 
3/20/2018 6:35:25 PM