Policy 2.5 Proposal: Merge Mozilla CCADB policy into main Root Store policy

We currently have 3 policy documents - the main policy, the CCADB
policy, and a "Mozilla CCADB policy", which contains some CCADB stuff
which isn't in the CCADB policy because it's not been agreed by all
CCADB participants.

We should consider whether we can just put that stuff into the CCADB
section of the main policy (section 4), and reduce the number of
documents people have to juggle.

This would basically mean copy-pasting the contents of:
into section 4 of the main policy, with section numbers, removing the
reference to that dead document from the existing text, and adding
something like:

"Mozilla has requirements for the use of the CCADB above and beyond
those in the Common CCADB Policy, as follows:"

We would then remove mozilla.md from source control.

This is: https://github.com/mozilla/pkipolicy/issues/71


This is a proposed update to Mozilla's root store policy for version
2.5. Please keep discussion in this group rather than on Github. Silence
is consent.

Policy 2.4.1 (current version):
Update process:
4/20/2017 1:32:13 PM
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