Question regarding Bugzilla and ticket maintenance


I am working on a project for a class I'm taking at Washington State Univer=
sity where I have been analyzing the Mozilla project, focusing on maintenan=
ce of the system.

I am wondering specifically about the maintenance for Bugzilla. I have noti=
ced by working on bug tickets myself that many times reporters stop working=
 on the project and receiving clarification about bugs is difficult. Most t=
imes, other developers step in to clarify obvious issues, but this isn't al=
ways the case. This makes actually providing a solution for the bug to be v=
ery difficult.

I wonder if there is a specified process for maintinagin bug tickets and cl=
eaning up Bugzilla when tickets have seemingly been abandoned without furth=
er clarification? I found documentation hereL
asters/Projects/Bugzilla_Clean_Up, but I'm curious is there is more discuss=
ion about this topic.

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