Firefox not what it used to be...

Hi Firefox,
Just want to say that, sadly, firefox is not what it used to be (speaking a=
s a previous fan).  Every update COMPLETELY erases my tabs, bookmarks and a=
ll my settings.  Disastrous.  WHAT is going on!!!!  Techs I know, who servi=
ce peoples' computers, have been advising they simply remove firefox...spar=
es a lot of headache.  This has been going on for some time....  Firefox, a=
s it stands now, is easily hacked, your machine is weak.  PLEASE fix firefo=
x!!!!  And restore it to it's old status, IF you can!  SUCH A SHAME.  ...As=
 stated, used to be a real user!  NOW, just use it to do an occasional sear=
ch and might eliminate it altogether.....  Sad.
THANK you...that is, if anybody actually reads this! =20
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