Dear Google

Dear Google, could you stop spoiling Firefox? Everybody knows that you kind=
a bought Mozilla to spoil Firefox to make users use Chrome. Every new updat=
e since you blocked the ability to turn off completely the updates spoils F=
irefox a little bit, some upates ago, Firefox started closing tabs while on=
 incognito mode if you closed the tab and reopened with ctrl+shift+t so if =
you had a download going on you would have to open chrome just to continue =
browsing, withe some of the newer updates you made Firefox completely freez=
e if a script was activating on 2 or more sites, but download continues, so=
 if you have a download going on, you would have to start Chrome... Ok, I g=
ot it, you want to make people to not use Firefox anymore.=20
But I just don't like Chrome... The way to bookmark is outdated and you nev=
er improved it like Firefox, and other issues. ANYWAY, I was thinking: Does=
 it REALLY matter to you if we are using Chrome or Firefox since you have b=
oth? You can take info from both I am pretty sure since you are the biggest=
 Mozilla supporter, I am pretty sure you can work something out since you e=
ven got to make Firefox users log in on an account to use Firefox and peopl=
e would usually use the same as the Chrome account anyway... And here comes=
 the famous Chinese saying: "It doesn't matter if a cat is black or white s=
o long as it catches mice." The mouse is already caught, so could you stop =
spoiling Firefox please?
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