SeaMonkey 2.1 release candidate 2 available for OS/2

I've uploaded the second release candidate for the upcoming SeaMonkey
2.1. There were no OS/2 specific changes compared to the recently
published release candidate 1. However, it should contain a few cross-
platform fixes for
bugs present in the first one.
You can get it from here:

BTW (from
"Version Number 'pre'
It was pointed out after our mirror push that the version 2.1rc2
reports as is 2.1pre not 2.1, this was due to a faulty cset for c-c on
our build2. We'll respin direct to a 2.1 final."
Meaning that's not an OS/2 fault that SeaMonkey reports itself as

Have fun, Walter
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Hi, I've uploaded the first release candidate for the upcoming SeaMonkey 2.1. There were no OS/2 specific changes compared to the recently published beta 3. However, it should contain cross-platform fixes for bugs present in the beta. You can get it from here: Have fun, Walter ...

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