High CPU in SM 2.42.9ESR with Chatzilla enabled. (was Refreshed build of SM 2.42.9ESR)

Hi Peter, moving this to a new thread.

Peter Brown wrote:
 > Hi All
 > The answer seems to be to Disable Chatzilla.
 > Seamonkey still causes cpus to peak when loading "busy" pages but there
 > is no constant peaking when the browser is doing nothing and when typing
 > email newsgroup messages.

As mentioned, I don't get the CPU's peaking behaviour here, but do have 
moderately high CPU with chatzilla enabled, disabling brings CPU down to 
the expected idle usage (typing this, one CPU at 0%, other bouncing from 
I've verified that my tree, which dates back to the move to Mercurial. 
Seems to be the same as a newly cloned tree.
Tested a new build of Firefox 45.9 with the XPI from the SM build, no 
high CPU usage.
Not sure what else to check.

 > Disabling HPET in the BIOS also helps a little.

Need to investigate this and perhaps open an issue to get a flag to turn 
off HPET in ACPI. Here I don't have a BIOS option to turn it off and 
looking at kernel.log from Mint does show it being used.
9/4/2017 7:09:02 PM
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