XUL Mochitests -> mochitest-chrome

As part of our "get rid of enablePrivilege" project, we're going to
propose converting a bunch of existing Mochitests into chrome
Mochitests. Generally any test that looks to be hopelessly intertwined
with XPCOM will fall into this bucket, but we'll consult with test
authors before taking any action.

As a more general point, I'd like to propose moving all existing
Mochitests that are XUL files into mochitest-chrome. Since we no
longer support running XUL on the web, it seems silly to continue to
test that scenario. I suspect that most of these tests were not
written as content tests because they needed to test xul-on-the-web,
but simply because it was more convenient. If we do need to test
xul-on-the-web, we can leave some support in the test harness for

3/28/2011 2:16:39 PM
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