Prioritizing media documentation

Hey everyone... I'm working on trying to get our media documentation fully
up to date and could use five minutes or so of time from anyone with an
interest in these APIs:

   - WebRTC
   - Media Capture and Streams API
   - Media Recording API
   - Web Audio API
   - The <audio> and <video> elements and the HTMLMediaElement based

I've created a brief survey asking for your input prioritizing the
remaining work to be done on these documentation sets. The more input I
get, the more sure I can be to get the most useful and important stuff done

So if you use (or want to use) any of these APIs, or if you're an engineer
helping to build these APIs, *please* find five minutes or so to do this
poll so I can use that information to finish planning my deliverables for
the second half of the year.

The survey is located here:

Thank you in advance to anyone who helps. Your input will help to ensure
MDN's media documentation becomes the best in the world!

Eric Shepherd
Senior Technical Writer
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