Performance-related preferences

Hello developers,

A couple months ago, Andreas Bovens and I scoured AMO and the Web looking
for extensions and articles that offered preferences tweaks in the name of
performance. Our hope was to put some of these tweaks through user testing
to see if they made any difference in Firefox performance (actual or
perceived.) Unfortunately, most of those extensions and articles were junk
and often included tweaks to prefs that don't even exist any more.

Today I'm hoping you all can help by taking a look over your area of code
for any preferences that might impact actual or perceived performance and
checking to see if they are still good values for today's browser and
today's web. It's probably especially valuable to think about pref values
that were set a long time ago.

If you have preferences where some science (user studies) would help
identify the most appropriate value, I can help with that. Otherwise, if
you see a value that's no longer ideal, feel free to update it without
further ado.

For an example of the kind of pref change that can have real user impact,

Thanks for your time,
- Asa
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