Merge Day changes coming up soon

Hi there,

Release management and release engineering have changed the dates for the
next release cycle's merge day.  Firefox 56 will move to mozilla-beta, and
Firefox 57 will become Nightly, on August 2 (rather than August 7).  You
should still be able to check in patches to mozilla-central normally.

For anything that you need to land for 56 beta 1, between August 2 and 7,
please request uplift to beta.

We'll still be doing the beta 1 build on Monday, August 7 for release on
Tuesday, August 8.

This should give much more time for sheriffs and releng to fix tests and
resolve merge related issues. It will limit last minute churn for the last
5 days before the beta release, while still keeping m-i and m-c open.  I
think it will give us an improved chance of shipping beta 1 on schedule.

We're also planning on repeating this pattern for the 57 move to beta in
September, so 57 will move to mozilla-beta, and 58 to m-c, to become
Nightly, on Sept. 20th instead of Sept. 25.

Thanks to Aki for this plan, and to the l10n team, release duty folks,
relman, release-drivers, and the comms team for feedback on how to make it

If you have questions or other feedback, please let me know.



Liz Henry (:lizzard)
Firefox Release Manager
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