Intent to remove: isRemote member in WebRTC getStats() results

We're removing the isRemote member of the RTCRTPStreamStats [1] 
dictionary used to identify remote statistics returned from the 
peerConnection.getStats() method in WebRTC. [2]

The spec changed in 2017 to explicit types instead of this boolean. [3]

We just landed a deprecation warning in Nightly 63. [4]

We plan on removing isRemote in 65, as the warning says. [5]

We plan to warn in 63-64, but for technical reasons can't warn in 65.

The transition plan involves educating web developers to use the 
existing remoteId API, which remains unaffected by this transition.
Full details are in

  - Chrome does not yet return remote statistics from the spec's latest
    pc.getStats() API, only local stats.
  - Safari implements this subset of getStats() similar to Firefox today.
  - Edge doesn't implement RTCPeerConnection, though there's a shim.

..: Jan-Ivar :.


PS: There’s also an isRemote member in RTCIceCandidateStats which 
remains unaffected.
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