incremental compilation for opt Rust builds

Hi all,

In bug 1437627, I turned on incremental compilation for Rust for local
developer opt builds as the default behavior.  Debug builds should be
using incremental compilation already, and automation builds continue
to *not* use incremental compilation, due to environmental
considerations that would make incremental builds unprofitable.

If you use local builds for performance analysis purposes, you should
set --enable-release or set RUSTC_OPT_LEVEL to 2 or 3 in your
mozconfig.  This condition was reached after looking through the
discussion at
when the default Rust optimization level was changed to -O1 from -O2.
Discussion in that thread suggested that -O2 or -O3 for Rust
compilation was more suitable for performance analysis than the
default of -O1.  (Our release builds use -O2 for Rust code.)

If you have issues or suggestions on how to improve, please file
blocking bugs for bug 1437627 and CC me.

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